The World’s Most Dangerous Divide

Kashmir is the only place in the world where three nuclear powers have a border dispute.In the beautiful and terrifying novel The City of Devi, communal hatreds escalate in India and Pakistan until the two countries feel compelled to threaten each other with nuclear weapons. At least, it starts out as a threat. Pakistan vows to take out Mumbai, and India will level Karachi. But everyone involved knows that nuclear war doesn’t really work that way.

India Fears Revival of Sikh Militancy

Fears resurface of Pakistan stoking Sikh separatism in the Indian state of Punjab.In November 2018, an attack against the premises of the Sant Nirankari Mission in the Indian state of Punjab has once again brought back fears of the revival of Pakistan-backed Sikh separatism, known as the Khalistan movement. Nirankari is seen as heretic by orthodox and extremist Sikhs and has historically found itself at the receiving end of violence for worshiping a living guru against the conventional Sikh belief of absolute loyalty to the holy book, the Guru Granth Sahib. On April 13, 1978, a bloody clash between Nirankaris and extremist Sikhs left 13 dead. Two years later, in 1980, Nirankari’s spiritual leader, Baba Gurbachan Singh, was killed in Amritsar.

Who Will Be Crowned the Polar Superpower?

Like in the Arctic, an overt race has begun for control of Antarctica’s rich resources.People regularly confuse Antarctica with the Arctic, thinking that polar bears and penguins cross paths. The latter is an ocean surrounded by different islands with a permanent population of about 4 million. Antarctica is indeed surrounded by water, but it is the world’s highest, driest, windiest and coldest continent. However, some see climate change as an opportunity. Rapid ice loss enables ships to have access to Antarctica’s nutrient-rich waters. Polar resources there range from krill to oil and could soon be up for grabs if the Antarctic Treaty System fails to safeguard marine protected areas.