What Modern Science Can Learn from Indigenous Knowledge

The assumption is that what works in wealthy countries can work anywhere.Advancements in the science of building design for earthquake resilience are enabling the development of high-rises and now “supertall” buildings in earthquake-prone areas like Japan. Design processes, scenario and risk modeling, and construction methods have embraced technological fixes to make aesthetically and structurally audacious buildings safe and resilient. However, in developing countries, the quality of building stock continues to lag.

How Ideology Affects Our Acceptance of Climate Science

In this edition of the Interview, Fair Observer talks to Arek Sinanian, a climate expert.The science is clear on climate change. Looking back at this past year, we’ve witnessed how climate change has manifested in more extreme weather, from record-breaking hurricanes, storms and flooding to heat waves, droughts and wildfires. Scientists have linked climate change to human activity and emphasized that the problem will not go away on its own. Instead, it will take a global, concerted effort to mitigate the impact of climate change today, while staving off its worst effects in the future.

What Germany’s “Green Wave” Means 

Why these European elections were different: three key insights from Germany.After years of disinterest and declining turnout s, last week’s European elections were full of suspense and surprises. In Germany, the elections were an unprecedented triumph for the Greens. More than 20 % voted for the party that didn’t even exist when the first E U elections took place in 1979. Yet besides this spectacular success story , the so-called Green wave also reflects three levels of polari zation: between old and young, east and west , as well as urban and rural areas — a development that increasingly undermines the German tradition of consensus-oriented politics.

Davos Is Losing Its Shine

Davos is essentially a symbol of crony capitalism camouflaging as a pro-globalization voice. This year is already witnessing a profound global political instability. Britain’s confusion over the Brexit deal continues, and so do the weekend protests by the gilets jaunes, or the yellow vests, in France. Donald Trump’s administration is reeling from the longest government shutdown in America’s history, while the Chinese economy is slowing down.