Back in 2008 WWE began to distance itself from the riskier and edgier content that had us gripped to the TV for hours. Instead the company opted for a more conservative approach.

Apparently, this move is largely to do with WWE's awareness that they have been losing the teenage audience that was once obsessed. They hope that this will resurrect the 'Attitude Era' and bring back an older fan base.

According to Comic Book, this is part of a major shake-up to WWE's overall creative direction, which received a rumble last week when it was announced that Eric Bischoff was being brought back to head-up creative for SmackDown Live, while Paul Heyman has been given the same role for Monday Night RAW.

Moving away from 'TV PG' will enable them to have more creative freedom when it comes to bringing viewers a more engaging show.

WWE Looks To Be Dropping PG Rating In A Bid To Bring Back Teenage Audience
The 'Attitude Era' saw more extreme stunts. Credit: WWE

Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer, said: "They brought the Street Profits [to RAW]. That was an interesting one because there's a lot of politics that were involved in the Street Profits [being on RAW]."

"They are still technically NXT wrestlers. It was not a call-up but they are gonna be on RAW TV. That was a Heyman move to have new faces on the show. When someone starts, you always want new faces, you always want young talent. You always want to create new wild stories."

It seems that things have already ramped up a notch because during Monday night's episode of RAW we watched as Braun Strowman tackled Bobby Lashley through the stage's LED board.

This resulted in a number of explosions coming from the big screen which led to commentator Corey Graves shouting 'holt s**t'.

It seems that people are all for this mix up, with one person taking to social media saying: "We just want storylines that isn't made for a 10 year old to process. Need that 18-35 demographic to be the most important right now."

Another added: "PG isn't the problem but it at times makes everything really corny and unwatchable."

Predicting what's to come, someone else commented: "There will probably just be more violence and swearing, but no sexual content or chair shots to the head."

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