Cori Gauff has beat Slovenian player Polona Hercog at Wimbledon.

It was another incredible result for the 15-year-old, who earlier this week knocked tennis legend Venus Williams out of the competition.

Gauff, who also goes by the name Coco, appeared to have the support of the full crowd as she faced Hercog in the tense match this evening – she even got a very well earned standing ovation after her win.

Beating Hercog 6-3, 7-6, 7-5 the US teen has become a surprise star of the event so far.

​Cori Gauff Beats Polona Hercog at Wimbledon
The 15-year-old has an amazing tournament so far. Credit: PA

It's the first ever time the schoolgirl, who is ranked 273 in the world, has headed to Wimbledon and it's fair to say she's making waves after she became the youngest ever qualifier.

After she qualified the official Wimbledon account told tennis fans to 'remember the name', and it certainly seems like she's one to watch out for.

Following her shock defeat over Williams, Gauff said: "Honestly I don't really know how to feel. This was definitely the first time I ever cried after winning a match. I don't even know how to explain how I feel.

"I had to tell myself to stay calm, I'd never played on a court so big. I had to remind myself that the lines are the same size."

She also revealed that the Williams' sister were the very people who inspired her to pick up a racket.

In an interview with the BBC she said: "Venus told me congratulations and keep going, she said good luck and I told her thanks for everything she did.

"I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for her – I told her she was so inspiring and I've always wanted to tell her that but I've never had the guts to before.

"My parents will be super happy, my dad was jumping up every time I won a point. I'm so happy they spent all their time on me and my brothers and making sure we're successful.

"I never thought this would happen. I'm literally living my dream right now.

"I'm really happy Wimbledon gave me the chance to play, I never thought I would get this far."

Amazing – best of luck for the rest of the tournament, Cori.

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