Peter Crouch has revealed that Prince Harry once cheekily asked him how he managed to pull his stunning wife Abby Clancy. It's a question we've all pondered, Pete.

Speaking to Jack Whitehall, who was standing in for the regular host on The Graham Norton Show, the Burnley striker explained that Harry had asked: "How did you bag Abbey?"

Thinking back on the bizarre encounter, Crouch added: "That was pre-Meghan and I didn't know how to respond, but now I could come back to him with the same question!"

Peter Crouch Reveals Prince Harry Asked Him How He Managed To Bag Abbey Clancy
Peter Crouch met Abbey Clancy back in 2006 and they wed in 2011. Credit: PA

He also shared the story behind the day he was asked 'what would you be if you weren't a footballer?' – to which he famously replied: "A virgin." Comedy genius, to be fair.

"It had been a really long day of interviews," he told Jack on the show. "And I had been asked the same questions over and over again, so I thought I would have a bit of fun. Ten years on and people are still talking about it!"

He's discussed the Prince Harry incident before, of course – speaking to BBC Radio 5 Live last year, he said: "I told Abbey – she was buzzing.

"He was dissing me, he was laughing his head off, then walked off. I was like: 'Did that just happen?'"

Crouchy met Abbey all the way back in 2006, after meeting in a bar where she worked as a waitress.

The pair tied the knot in 2011 and have three children together, with another little one on the way.

In typical Crouch-style, he chose to share the good news back in January by posting a photo of Abbey in a bikini with a baby bump, writing: "Baby no 4 on the way I blame Abbey Clancy for looking like this."

Praising her husband in an interview in 2017, Abbey said: "He's such a capable dad, he's unbelievable. Since day one, he's been so hands-on – it's like she's got two mums.

"He's better than me. I have such horrific pregnancies. I'm so ill for nine months, throw up every day, so sick. But my births are amazing."

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