Rugby Australia has officially terminated star Israel Folau's contract over an anti-gay social media post.

After long deliberations which have stretched since Saturday, RA has decided to give him the flick.

Rugby Australia Has Officially Terminated Israel Folau's Contract
Credit: Israel Folau/Instagram

The Wallabies and Waratahs player wrote on Instagram that homosexuals and other sinners would go to hell if they didn't repent and change their ways. It was criticised by politicians, rugby stars and fans across the world.

Rugby Australia chief executive Raelene Castle said in a statement: "Rugby Australia did not choose to be in this situation, but Rugby Australia's position remains that Israel, through his actions, left us with no choice but to pursue the course of action resulting in today's outcome.

"People need to feel safe and welcomed in the game, regardless of their race, background or sexuality.

"This is a decision that will change the landscape for sport across Australia and perhaps internationally. It will be landmark, it will be important, and it is a big decision.

"He is a very important player in our game and he has been for a long period of time and we wanted to make sure we took the time to get it right."

Folau now has 72 hours to respond to the matter.

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