After being in the game for 11 years, Kofi Kingston has finally taken out the WrestleMania 35 championship over Daniel Bryan.

Kingston certainly had the support of the people, with the #KofiMania hashtag going viral on social media before the match kicked off.

Speaking to CBS ahead of the showdown, Kofi said: "The best storylines on television always have a little reality to them. A lot of times they are unplanned and just happen and then all of a sudden they just catch fire. For me to be in the middle of this fire is awesome."

Having the people on his side certainly played a part as Kofi and Bryan went toe to toe in front of 80,000 people at Met Life Stadium.

The match was anyone's crown, with the two wrestler's literally trading punch for punch at one point as the crowd oo'ed and ah'ed with each blow.

Bryan placed Kofi in some daring positions but each time he managed to get out of it.

It looked all over for #KofiMania after Bryan delivered a face shattering knee, leaving him motionless on the ground. Despite the injury, Kofi managed to kick out just before the third referee tap.

Kofi then started getting angry and performed a stunning Trouble in Paradise kick that landed Bryan on his back, leading to the 1, 2 and 3 for the win.

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